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 I’m Melissa, the professional artist/ clothing designer behind this pop up shop and portfolio for my artwork. Featuring seasonal collections and articles for those who share my passion for sustainable, feel good fashion. 'In the Hebrides' is a project I began to share my fine art prints and informal research notes as I explore Mull and the surrounding Scottish islands.  

Artisan design principles

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Cotton Threads
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The story so far...

Since establishing my dressmaking business, 13 years ago, I have been dedicated to my craft of painting and providing made to measure, flattering garments that empower individuals. My experiences of selling my art and designs on the dying British high street and online, via my website and Etsy, means I know how vital it is to support artisan creatives / small businesses. Combined with roughly 18,000+ hours of time I have spent hunched and hovering over easels, cutting tables and sewing machines, means I also have empathy for those exploited within the arts and fashion industry. I learnt through trial and error how to make and invest in sustainable, ethically made garments which will stand the test of time.

I also studied fine art & fashion at University in Brighton & Northumberland, in 2019 I graduated with a degree in fine art now sew & paint in my home studio on the beautiful Scottish island of Mull. Avoiding synthetic fibres and choosing to work with natural eco-conscious materials like exquisite tweeds woven by talented local weavers in the Hebrides, organic cotton, linen and iconic liberty prints. I paint and design with nature, timeless silhouettes of by gone eras and dancing in mind, as my previous collections of clothing have typically been worn to turn heads at vintage themed events and weddings. I always draft my own patterns using measurements provided ensuring a wonderful fit for all, as reflected in customer reviews, I also pride myself on providing personable and impeccable levels of customer service. Browse my gallery for examples of some of my previous work & commissions. Depending on the status of my order book, I may be able to work with you on a bespoke design / painting commission, so please don’t hesitate to say hello.

My infrequent newsletter lets you know when artwork limited edition collections become available. You will also receive articles I write that highlight other artisan clothing designers and attempt to unpick the complexities of designing and shopping for a sustainable capsule wardrobe that’s stitched to last.

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Browse collections

Browse collections

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'Tobermory' Yellow Corduroy Mens Waistcoat made by Melissa on the Isle of Mull

Hebridean Waistcoats

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