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Each limited edition tweed waistcoat is Stitched to last on the Scottish Isle of Mull celebrating wool woven in the Hebrides 

Autumn / Winter  2022

Featuring Ardalanish Isle of Mull tweed, corduroys, organic cotton & Liberty prints - made by Melissa on Mull

Traditional, sustainable and ethical principles are woven and stitched into each Hebridean waistcoat - available for men & women. This collection features tweeds bought from the local Ardalanish Isle of Mull weavers, who describe ‘weaving as a fascinating mix of mechanics, maths, hard work, inspiration, creativity, trial and error and a little dose of magic’. Ardalanish tweed translates the colours of Mull - Toffee tones are created with Manx Loaghtan wool from the Isle of Man and creamy shades are synonymous with fleece the Shetland Isle.


Melissa developed a soft spot for the adorable Hebridean black sheep who are abundant on the island. The blues, oranges and yellows synonymous with the Hebrides are all achieved using natural plant dyes grown on site. Lovingly restored wind powered Victorian looms are used to weave their exquisite range of artisan tweed. If you happen to visit Mull, be sure to take the turn on the road to Iona to see where the weavers work their magic, click here to browse tweeds and click here to find out more about the weavers mill.

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Design Principles

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Ethically Made to order 

Artisan craftsmanship is prioritised so each unique mens waistcoat from this collection is only available in sustainably small quantities.  


Making each garment upon receipt of your order equates to less waste, limited editions also ensure each piece is more unique, ideal for the black sheep!

Cotton Field



This collection supports the ‘Campaign for wool’ and avoids synthetic material containing toxic 'poly' plastic fibres. The natural materials are compostable / ocean safe. Only organic pure cotton thread is used in the sewing machines and packaging is zero plastic. I have committed to promoting & adding more certified organic materials to the fabric library. Browse more materials here. 

Bespoke Waistcoat by Melissa on Mull Grey Woad Tattersall Tweed woven by Ardalanish - Isle

a Made to

measure service 

The popular made to measure service is complimentary and only requires 3 simple measurements - ensuring a flattering fit for all.  


I have always believed in the power of drafting my own patterns, read the measuring guide for the details.   

Each year a limited amount of space in the order book is reserved for customers who wish to collaborate on extra special one of a kind commissions, contact me to discuss the possibilities..

Hebridean Black Sheep

Tweed: Hebridean Diamond twill / Herringbone pure new wool woven by Ardalanish isle of mull weavers | Certified Organic cotton: Brown or Aros green | Liberty print: Stately bouquet

Iris tattersall

Tweed: plant dyed 'Iris Tattersall' woven by Ardalanish isle of mull weavers |  Cotton Corduroy: Aros green | Liberty print: Wildflower

Woad tattersall

Tweed: plant dyed 'woad Tattersall' woven by Ardalanish isle of mull weavers |  Organic Cotton: blue  | Liberty print: Thorpe blue

Tobermory Waistcoat

 Cotton Corduroy: Gorse yellow | Cotton lining: Aros green or Liberty print: Wildflower / Organic Lodden