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Cuckoo Mandala by Artist Melissa Humber.jpg

2018- 2020

Cloud cuckoo land

A symbolic response to the surreal nature of the time, paper cutouts of hand gestures, water droplets under the microscope, collaged cuckoo birds and mandala paintings investigate the hypnotic political landscape and language of politicians hands.

Thoughts on the wall. 2018. Art by M Humber.jpg
Political Hand gestures Mandala 2018 by Melissa Humber.jpg
Cloud cuckoo land collage by Melissa Humber.jpg
trump hand 2018 collage by artist m humber.jpg
Political hynosis Manadala by Artist Melissa Humber.jpg
Political Hand Gesture Hypnosis Mandala by Melissa Humber.jpg
Political hand Mandala by Artist Melissa Humber.jpg
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