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Wood Grain Painting by M Humber.jpg
Tree sketch by Melissa Humber.jpg

2016- 2019

Toxic Waste

During this time my research and paintings honed in on trees with carrier bags for leaves, plastic in the ocean from polyester garments, the destruction caused by single use plastics and being overloaded with statistics...

Wood grain Painting by Melissa Humber.jpg
Trees with Carrier bags for leaves - Melissa Humber.jpg
Trees with carrier bags for leaves painting by Melissa Humber .jpg
Stastistic overload 2018 Acrylic on paper M Humber.jpg
Intuitive Palettes by Artist Melissa Humber.jpg
Intuitive Palette 2 by artist Melissa Humber.jpg
Intuitive Palette 4 by Painter Melissa Humber.jpg
Intuitive Palette 3 by Painter Melissa Humber.jpg
Intuitive Palettes by Painter Melissa Humber.jpg
Intuitive Triptic by Painter Melissa SCarlet.jpg
Cycle Mandala - White detail by painter Melissa Humber .jpg
Cycles Mandala Black 2018 by painter M Humber.jpg
Cycle Mandala - White M Humber .jpg
Cycles Mandala Painting detail 2019 - M Humber.jpg
Gallery View of Paintings by Melissa Humber2019.jpg
Exibition View of paintings by Melissa Scarlet Humber 2019.jpg
Reveal Exhibition 2019 Mandala Paintings by Melissa Scarlet.jpg
Reveal Exhibition mandala paintings by Melissa Scarlet 2019.jpg
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