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A selection of natural organic cottons, Scottish pure wool tweeds and iconic Liberty London prints I highly recommend.


Organic cotton is made without toxic substances and polluting pesticides, it's grown in healthier soil so this material is much better quality whilst being kinder to the skin and our planet. 

S/S 2023

Liberty Londons Tana Lawn™ cotton has evolved over a century and I was thrilled to see their new organic collection. It is prepared in a slightly different process to ensure GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification, along with their usual Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 rating. Liberty's Printing Mill is in northern Italy, the organic version of their signature Tana is just as silky soft with vibrant print quality.


Ardalanish Isle of Mull Weavers

I highly recommend selecting a Hebridean tweed from Ardalanish weavers mill. Located on the stunning southern peninsula of the Scottish Island of Mull, the mill welcomes visitors, simply take a turn on the road to Iona and you can see where the weavers work their magic with carefully selected blends of pure new wool. I have a soft spot for the adorable native breed Hebridean black sheep.


The blues, oranges and yellows synonymous with the Island are all achieved using natural plant dyes grown on site. Lovingly restored wind powered Victorian looms are used to weave their remarkable range of durable tweed.

Click here to browse all of their tweeds and click below to find out more about this wonderful place.

Isle of Skye old man .png
Isle of Skye glen stones.png

Isle of Skye Weavers

Inspired by the colours of Skye

Isle of Skye tweed translates the rich tones of the magnificent island of Skye.  They are proud partners of the 'campaign for wool'.


There are so many reasons to love wool and support the Isle of Skye mill by choosing their beautiful tweed. Below are but a few:

  • Wool is a natural renewable fibre – sheep re-grow it every year. It keeps you warm and cosy in the cold weather. 

  • It is mould and fire resistant.

  • It's Practical, breathable and adjusts to changes in your body temperature.

  • Tweed is resilient and durable, it always returns to its original shape - whilst being resistant to staining and odours.

  • Truly sustainable at the end of its useful life, wool is biodegradable unlike plastic synthetic fabrics.

We would recommend reading their awesome blog and browse the Isle of Skye Weavers tweed below.

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